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Christmas is getting closer and closer!

Christmas is getting closer and closer. It’s the time of buying gifts, which more and more customers are ordering online every year. According to research by Adobe, online sales in Europe leading up to Christmas are predicted to grow by 8.7% this year. That number is quite impressive, but what makes me even happier is the forecast that 16.5% of sales will be completed on tablets and smartphones. This represents a 38% increase over Christmas shopping last year.

These predictions should make e-sellers think about any improvements they can make in their shops.

1. Offer Christmas discounts and coupons.

    Most people spend a fair amount of time looking for Christmas gifts, and they choose them carefully. When they find the same product in your store and in another online store, price becomes the deciding factor. That’s why offering a range of Christmas discounts could be a valuable strategy for securing the business of potential customers.

    2. Deliver for free.

    Research conducted by the Baymard Institute shows that customers really appreciate an option for free delivery. Even offering a “free” option and then working the cost of delivery into the price of the product will put the e-seller in a better light. If you are not able to cover free delivery for all products, then think about introducing it for purchases above a certain amount.

    3. Provide fast and friendly customer service.

    The general actions involved in online shopping are searching, choosing, purchasing and asking. That last one is very important to shoppers. People want to know when they can expect delivery, how a toy works, whether it is appropriate for a three-year-old child, what similar products you offer and whether you can wrap the product as a gift. The more customers you attract to the store, the more questions will arise. You can handle this in a few ways:

    • First of all, provide as much information about a product as possible, which will cut down on repeat questions.
    • Consider an FAQ section for more intricate products.
    • Support customers with advice on using your products.
    • Assign more employees to customers service than usual during this period.
    • Offer an online chat option.
    • Respond to inquires through your website’s contact form as quickly as possible (i.e. the same working day).

    4. Tell people what they need.

    Create a “Must have” or a “Christmas gifts” section on your website to give people ideas of what they might need and what’s available to purchase. In many cases, customers are not sure what they are looking for, and that’s an opportunity for you. Simply by showing them interesting gift ideas for their children and loved ones, you can secure their business.

    5. Ensure that your website is working properly.

    The worst thing for a customer is going on a website that isn’t working. Ensure that your website can handle the higher-than-usual traffic and on all devices, especially mobile devices. Test the website under different scenarios and make sure that there is no situation in which someone cannot complete a purchase.

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