Why is a responsive online store better than a "mobile version"?

"Ecommerce in Poland 2014"
was recently released  

The report is published every year by, the leading online-marketing publisher in the Polish market. The report ranks the best online stores in several categories, describes market trends, makes forecasts for the coming year and outlines best practices. We had the pleasure of providing our opinion in the report as an expert in ecommerce. Below you will find our commentary in English.

Why is a responsive online store better than a “mobile version”?

The m-commerce market in Poland is growing rapidly, so having a website optimized for mobile devices has become not just a good practice, but a must. We face the question, then: Should we create a “mobile version” of an online store or build the store according to responsive web design?

Responsive design ensures that an online will display and work properly on all devices, not just the most popular ones, but also niche devices and ones just introduced to the market. The store will have a single URL, which ensures that Google will crawl it more quickly and that any changes to the code will be visible in all devices immediately.

Having a single URL is crucial in email campaigns. Many global brands have faced the problem of customers clicking a link in a promotional email on a phone and then being directed to the main page of the company’s mobile store, instead of the intended subpage of the “main site.” A responsive online store would eliminate such complications.

When prototyping a responsive online store, we should make it as optimized and user-friendly on all devices as possible. When smartphone users are redirected to the mobile version of a store, they will often switch to the full version because they feel they are lacking some functionality. With responsive web design, we are guaranteeing customers access to all of the functionality of an online store, presented in the most user-friendly way.

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