What means the difficult word - abandonment rate?

Abandonment rate is a measure of how many people have put products into their shopping basket but then left before finalizing their order. It is an important indicator for e-commerce managers and everyone involved in managing online stores because it gives hard data on how many potential customers were lost during the checkout process.

How high is the abandonment rate generally?

According to the Baymard Institute, the average abandonment rate of shopping carts in online stores is 68.06%. This average is based on 28 studies conducted by several institutions. 

How to measure abandonment rate?

The indicator is simple: It reflects uncompleted transactions for all initiated purchases. For example, if 100,000 customers of a fashion store put an item into their shopping cart but only 20,000 of them actually finalize the purchase, then the abandonment rate would be calculated as follows:

Uncompleted transactions: 100,000 − 20,000 = 80,000

Abandonment rate: 80,000 : 100,000 = 80%

So, the abandonment rate would be 80%, which means that only 20% of people check out.

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