What the usability audit is all about?

The usability audit is the study of the website, app or online shop in order to verify and assess its usability for the user. It is usually conducted by consulting agencies or interactive agencies specializing in consulting services.

The audit includes the several sections such as:

  • Performance
  • Graphic design
  • Forms
  • Easiness and intuitiveness of the navigation
  • Copywriting
  • Multi-device character

The special type of the usability audit used in online shops is checkout usability audit. As the checkout process is the crucial part of the online store and it influences directly the number of finalized transactions, this audit can be an important step in the process redesign. 

During the checkout usability audit, the consultants review and analyze the full process in every detail, taking into consideration several fields:

  • Performance
  • Loading time
  • Proper functioning on mobile devices
  • Responsive character
  • Multi-device friendliness
  • Form structure
  • Labels
  • Graphic design
  • Call to action buttons
  • Payment methods
  • Delivery methods
  • Security issues

Every element is assessed and described in the audit. As a result, the weak points of the process are identified and the recommendations of the improvements can be made. During the usability audit, user tests can be an effective tool used to identify the problems that the website cause during the checkout process.

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