Why do we need a guest checkout?

With a guest checkout option, an online store allows the user to complete a purchase without having to create a customer account. Providing this option is a good practice because not everyone will want to register on the website. 

What are the options?

After adding products to their shopping cart, a customer is usually given three options:

  • log in if they already have an account,
  • register an account,
  • place the order without creating an account (i.e. guest checkout).

A good solution, and the one implemented in Responsive Checkout, is to allow the customer to check out as a guest, and then invite them to (voluntarily) type a password afterwards to create an account. This method seems to be the least aggressive way to convince customers to register.

Encourage wisely

By proposing guest checkout as an option, we do not force the customer to create an account, but we can tell them about the benefits of registering, such as:

  • faster and simpler checkouts in future,
  • eligibility for promotions,
  • discount coupon for the next purchase.

This solution gives choice to customers and is more user-friendly. It also tells us that customers who have registered truly appreciate the advantages of having an account.

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