Mistakes with email addresses are among the most common mistakes made by customers when filling out various kinds of forms. People know their email address so well that they type it quickly, paying little attention and not checking the spelling.

'Please retype your email address'

Some designers follow the tradition of repeating the input field for the email address, believing that if the user is forced to retype their address, mistakes will be minimized. However, customers find this bothersome and pointless, and many will copy and paste from the first to the second field. This behavior does not minimize mistakes, and it worsens the user experience.

Smart e-mail validation - Reasponsive Checkout

Why is validating email so important in online shopping?

Validating the inputted address is crucial in the checkout process for online shopping. An email address that is syntactically malformed (for example, instead of can be caught by front-end validation, and the user can be asked to correct their input. Much more complicated is when the user types an email address that is syntactically valid yet incorrect. In this case, their order would go through, but contact with the user would be impossible. The user would miss their payment confirmation and delivery confirmation, and they would probably complain to customer service and give a low rating to the store. So, what can we do to get the right email address?

Make validation smarter: Think ahead of the user

With Responsive Checkout, we wanted to avoid this situation, which is why we’ve implemented a special validation tool, Mailgun. What differentiates Mailgun from standard validation is its archival data of billions of transactional emails (this is Mailgun’s main business). As a result, the system not  only identifies misspellings of popular domains, but proposes the correct domain name.

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