What does the stay on the keyboard concept mean for the user?

The idea of staying on the keyboard came about during our optimization of the checkout process. We wanted to reduce the number of clicks and mouse movements by the user and to make the entire process as fast and convenient as possible.
On a mobile device, all of the tapping around that the user goes through in the checkout process gradually tires them down and discourages them from submitting their order.

STAY ON THE KEY- BOARD - Responsive Checkout

Minimize the number of clicks

The designer should minimize the number of clicks on a laptop, touches on a tablet or smartphone and mouse movements on a desktop computer, by making the interface smart enough to do much of the work for the user.

For example, for credit card details (the credit card number, expiration date and CVV code), the designer knows the number of characters required for each detail and so can automatically move the cursor to the next input field when the user has filled in a detail.

This simple improvement helps to guide the user through the checkout process, making the experience a friendlier one.


“Collecting Payment Information Within a Single Input,” Luke Wroblewski

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